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Explanation of the two-week delay of the SAT Exam in October in Hong Kong test center

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For the two days from SAT registration till now, the focus of discussion is why Hongkong test center has a delay of two weeks to Oct.25 rather than Oct.11. What do we do with it for its impact on EA/ED application?

The date of the SAT examination for 2014 October in Hongkong test center is Oct.25(Saturday) while the date in other test centers(eg. Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan) is Oct.11(Saturday).

Are you scrambling for SAT vacancies in Singapore, Macao, Taiwan, Japan and Korea? Have you found something strange with October SAT vacancy in Hongkong?

A net friend named “Cruiser Lion King”made two overseas calls for College Board and asked for twice, answered by two different people, a male and a female.

It is roughly as follows:
Q1: Is there any examination on Oct.11 in Hongkong?
A1:No, the SAT test day in HK would be on Oct 25th
Q2: Why isn’t there a SAT examination on Oct.11 in Hongkong?
A2: On the same say HK will arrange another test, so there would be no room forSAT test.
Q3: Will the examination paper for Oct.25 in Hongkong the same as the one for Oct.11?
A3: Obviously not
Q4: Can people take the SAT exam in other places on Oct.11 and another SAT in Hongkong on Oct.25?
A4: No, one person can only be allowed to take one SAT exam in one month, nomatter it is SAT1 or SAT2.

The summarization is clear enough, isn’t it?

Besides I’ll tell you how to call College Board. Dial (001)-212-713-7789 directly and dial 4 instead of listening to the introduction, then dial 0, and 2, you will be transferred to the operator and can directly talk with the employee at College Board. If you find any news during dialing, you are welcome to leave us a message. Beware; you should dial something from 9am to 5pm ET.

Regarding the delay of the examination, are you still concerned whether it will affect EA/ED application?

There are two situations: for universities with the deadline on Nov.1, you won’t make it if you attend Hongkong SAT examination. Such students should transfer to other test centers.

For universities with the deadline on Nov.15, as it generally takes three weeks for the SAT scores to be worked out, time is fairly pressing, but you still have opportunities. You can also make it for most UC universities. For details please check the university website for the deadline.

Nevertheless if your score is unfortunately delayed, you would do nothing but cry.

For students choosing regular application, they won’t be influenced.

If you choose the site centers in other regions, it is mainly up to visas and languages. The priority for choosing site centers is as follows: Macao—Singapore—Taiwan—Japan—Thailand—Malaysia—Korea (the reason of putting Korea at last is because the test center in Korea has been cancelled before. It is not recommended. Taiwan and Thailand are not politically stable, but having little to do with tourism. Vacancies in Macao and Singapore will soon be filled). Please make arrangement of testing teams ahead of time.

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