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How much do you know about the new majors with potentials in America?

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In the days when overseas returnees start to have troubles finding jobs, choosing the right majors to study abroad becomes more and more important. In the days when the industry of science and technology and the business field are developing with constant changes, some college majors and disciplines once neglected in America gradually show their advantages. In the following come together with the editor to see the new majors with potentials for studying in America.

I.New media

Web media is the fastest developing field in media and news. The major of new media combines traditional news courses and digital media design and management. Some universities attach more importance to computer technology and web page design, for example, Academy of Art University in San Francisco, while other universities stress more on communication integration and digital technology, for instance, Indiana University and Purdue University.


The major of biotechnology combines biology and engineering aiming to settle practical problems in agriculture, food science and medicine as a cross-disciplinary subject. Biotechnology is generally connected to business courses, and some universities offer a double degree program in the two majors. Many biotechnology majors are graduate majors. But recently requirements of graduates in this major are increasingly higher, for instance, in the University of Cincinnati and Colorado State University.

Bioinformatics and biomedical engineering, majors related to biotechnology, are also promising.

III. Organic agriculture

Admission director of this major stated, “To meet consumers’ increasing demand for organic food, many big companies start to hire special talents in this respect.”Many universities add the major of organic agriculture this year. Although this major is not widely open in universities, some universities are about to open it.

IV.Homeland security

The major of homeland security emerged after Sept.11 and covers a wide variety of courses ranging from psychology to disaster relief and from federal laws to perilous item disposal. The department of homeland security in USA Federal Government offers abundant scholarships and financial aids for students in this major in addition to an 18-month training course in homeland security defense center that confers degrees.

This major is developing fast in community colleges such as Foothill-De Anza Community College and Green River Community College. According to the statistics of American Association of Community Colleges, 85% graduates of the major of homeland security come from community colleges.


This major focuses on business trades conducted over internet and often involves communication with customers, management of employees and communication with business partners. It is generally offered in the business schools with graduate-level courses. According to the files of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the increase of the demand of students in this major will be much higher than the average level of this year’s graduates.

VI.Computer game design

Ten years ago nobody heard of this major. Now it has taken root in over 150 universities all across America. Some universities pay attention to the development of games while other universities stress on the artistic features of the game design.

VII.Forensic accounting

Although this major has a quite long history, its emergence is due to the repeating occurrence of corporate financial scandals in recent years. Now this major has become the major with fastest increase. Its courses include money detection (in charge of the legally-concerning financial loopholes of the corporates under investigation). Other than basic accounting skills, this major requires students to have broader business knowledge.

VIII. Human computer interaction, HCI

HCI mainly targets at improving people’s capability to use high-tech products and conducts deep research of the influence of technology onindividuals and groups. This major generally offers graduate-level courses in the college of computer science. But some universities, for example, Maryland University already starts to open undergraduate courses.

IX.Society and the environment

This major is concerned about the mutual influence of society and environment with slight differences in different universities. For instance, Indiana University provides the dual degree program in environmental science and public affairs while SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry offers various professional courses and credential courses in the field of environmental science including bachelor of science, MS and M.P.S.


It is a practical science subject that researches physics, engineering and chemistry in the nano field (cell-level). For the past few years it has become more and more noteworthy under the support form National Nanotechnology Initiative. Most universities provide graduate-level courses.

These are the ten new majors with most potential for developing. Have you found the one right for you?

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