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TOEFL registration: what to do with the shortage of testing vacancies for 2014 July and August?

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    There are no vacancies for the TOEFL examinations for July and August! This might be the common thinking of the little friends who want to register recently. As a matter of fact, registration for TOEFL examinations is not what you think of it.

   The situation of TOEFL vacancies has rules. Simply put, from March to June, they are easy to find and you can register freely. However, from July to next February they are very difficult to spot, which is certainly related to the time of period.

  TOEFL examinations always release all vacancies for next year in around November. At this time the vacancies for next January is what sought for most because most universities accept January TOEFL score while some universities only accept the TOEFL scores by the end of December.

   The hot spot before is the TOEFL vacancies for next July and August. But because there are more TOEFL vacancies comparing to the previous years, other than Shanghai, it is difficult to find the scenario that all vacancies have been taken, which happened at the end of last year.

   Here I would like to mention Shanghai, where with strong awareness of studying abroad is the vanguard in China for studying abroad. Although there are not as many people as Beijing, its overall public awareness is leading. However, there are not many universities here, so there are not many TOEFL test centers, which causes the situation that the TOEFL vacancies are too difficult to find. Simply put, unless you take over TOEFL vacancies a year ahead of time, I would not advise you to count on the vacancies in Shanghai, whatever time it is.

   Next is February and June with two kinds of people, one is the super scholars who takes up examinations ahead of time. They have good environment for overseas studies and have thorough understanding of the relevant knowledge. The other group is the students who do not get satisfactory scores and negotiate with universities to make up for it later, or those who directly apply for spring enrollment.

   Nevertheless by the end of May many people have been prepared for TOEFL examinations and are about to take it. At this time there is a shortage of vacancies, starting from July and August. Many people make preparations during the summer vacation.

   Next are the vacancies for October, November and December. In September, vacancies for October and November are not easy to get. In October vacancies for November and December are not easy to get, especially for December, especially fiercely competitive! If you are not able to take the examination, you can take it later. After all, the deadline is by the end of December. But there is no way out in December. Many people fight to win or die. Starting from October, the vacancies for December are so difficult to get. Absolutely many times more difficult than vacancies for July and August. Therefore, I suggest friends with the score of 60-70 better register for a vacancy for December because for most people they can only get satisfactory scores by that time. If you wait until November to scramble for the vacancy for December, it would be harder than climb to the sky.

  Now many friends would be despaired. Actually as long as you do not want the vacancy for December in November, vacancies before this time will be released, just probably a week earlier or later than your expected or not in your city. But you are sure to get it.

  In fact NEEA would not deprive friends of the chance to take examinations. They will release many vacancies, just randomly in time. Here are the three ways for the release of the vacancies:

 First, NEEA will release TOEFL vacancies in large quantities several months before the examination. These vacancies will possibly include those for the whole half year or 1-3 months next, which is rarely seen before October. But such release is random.

  Second, NEEA will release a number of TOEFL vacancies 3-10 days before the examination, several provinces at a time and other province the next time. However, what specific day for what province, or rerelease in the morning or in the afternoon, or in the night, is random without anyone to know about it.

  Third, if NEEA add examinations temporarily. Beware, this way is least likely and should not be laid hopes for, although this is most frequently asked by friends.

  If an examination is added, NEEA will do as the first way, maybe three days ahead, or three years ahead, either way of which is random. Just like this time, the examinations for Nov.15, Nov.23, Dec.27, and Dec.28 were added at the end of May. Four examinations, only God knows when it will release. Regarding whether to add or not, it is also random, without rules to follow. Therefore when many people ask if there will be more examinations in XX month, only God knows!

  And it should be noted that TOEFL vacancies will not be released at a certain period of time. Sometimes they are released for two days in a row while other times a month passes before anything happens.

  The editor specially reminds you, if you want to find TOEFL vacancies, please charge NEEA account with the registration fee for TOEFL examination. You should know for NEEA, sometimes the money reaches the account instantly while sometimes it takes several hours. Furthermore when it releases the vacancies, NEEA system is difficult to access. After you charge it with money, the seats will possibly run out! Therefore you should charge it with the registration fee in advance and fight for the vacancies with all your efforts when they are released! And the vacancies are so hot that they would run out in some ten minutes when they are hot or 1-2 hours when they are cold. Best wishes for all test-takers to succeed in registration!

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