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TOEFL scores are acceptable to British universities before July 22nd

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    The British visa office announced that it would no longer admit the TOEFL test scores of the U.S. Educational Testing Service on the suspicion of fraud, which has some impact on 2014 fall enrollment students who apply for British universities with TOEFL scores. However, the official website of British immigration issued a notice stating that students who have already paid the visa fee before July 22nd can still use the certification of ETS language exams to apply for UK universities.

    As far as we know, the British visa office launched a short-term transitional arrangement: if the visa application and payment have been completed before July 22nd, applicants outside the UK can still rely on the ETS Language Exam Certification to apply for UK visa, while, for those who submit their visa application and complete the payment before Oct 1st, the ETS Certification can be used to apply for the English Pre-class with the length limitation of three months or the third-level foundation courses or above according to the revised National Qualification Framework or the equivalent classes of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It should be noted that, after Oct 1st, TOEFL scores will not be used for visa application.


    Before the announcement, some students who have been admitted to British Universities were asked to retake IELTS exams or other acceptable language tests, and to successfully get the visa, they need to meet the language requirement score before the new term begins in September. The transitional arrangements relieve students from such concern.

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