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Suggestions on how to deal with the acceleration of application date of the University of California

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University of California, which is called American Public Ivy League, announced this April: the application for University of California will be accelerated by two months, namely, applications can be submitted from Aug.1.

To start with, let us look at the official explanation of University of California.

1. All nine undergraduate campuses use the same online application.

2. Completed applications must still be submitted between Nov. 1–30.

3. Early preparation and submission of the application does not influence admission decisions.

From the official explanation of University of California, we can clearly understand:

I. The fourth-generation public application system currently adopted by University of California, that is, the application procedures, forms and essays, will not be greatly changed and students can still refer to the application forms of the previous years.

II. There is no change in the deadline of application. The university can stop accepting application materials by Nov.30, a month early than application of regular decision at regular universities.

III. This is what students and parents are most concerned about. Although application can be accepted earlier, the university does not grant priority admission for students who apply at an early time. That is to say, University of California still does not have Early Action and Early Decision, but just elongate the application period and reviewing period.

From the above-mentioned explanation and analysis, we can make a conclusion that on top of the acceleration of application date, University of California does not make much alteration. In this case why does the university make this change?

From the admission officers, we know the fall applicants in 2014 reached new heights with the number of 148,450in the system of University of California, an increase of 4.9% comparing to last year. The general public application system and the soaring applicants became a great burden for admission officers and imposed more pressure on the online application system. The acceleration of the application date is no doubt favorable for the university in that admission officers can have more time to review students’ application materials in addition to the release of the pressure of the online application system.

To rationally handle the acceleration of the application date of University of California, here are some suggestions for students and parents:

I. Early planning and early application. In the early stage of the application, the application materials received by the university are relatively fewer than those they get in the middle or later stages. If students can submit application on the opening date, it means the school admission officers can see your application materials earlier and spend more time on reviewing, which will help you make a deeper impression on them lest your materials will be immersed into the multitude.

II. Early preparation for the standardized examinations. Application by Aug.1 means students should get qualified TOEFL and SAT scores before this date. Even if the school does not have Early Action or Early Decision, it will ensure an early attention from the admission officers with high scores, which requires students to find professional consultants, essay teachers or training teachers earlier to get guidance in testing training and studying planning suitable for their own situations at the early stage of their application reparation.

III. Multiple school choices to ensure chances of admission. As an admission officer said,” Students can improve their chances of being admitted to the university by applying to more than one campus.”There are ten campuses in the UC system and the admission officers suggest a multiple choice of schools to guarantee admission.

UCUC System Members:

1.University of California, Berkeley, Top 20 in US

2.University of California, Los Angeles, ranking 23 in US

3.University of California, Davis, ranking 39 in US

4.University of California, San Diego, ranking 39 in US

5.University of California, Santa Barbara, ranking 41 in US

6.University of California, Irvine, ranking 49 in US

7.University of California, Santa Cruz, ranking 86 in US

8.University of California, Riverside, ranking 112 in US

9.University of California, San Francisco

       10. University of California, Merced

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