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Which way to take after Gaokao?

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After 2014 Gaokao(College Entrance Examination), some students will apply to study abroad for various reasons. Judging from the previous experience, USA is still the hot spot. Which way to take after Gaokao? Students can make arrangement according to their own situations and demands.

Overseas studies in America: time-saving dual admission

After Gaokao most students who apply for overseas studies do not have language test scores due to their devoted efforts in Gaokao. These students can choose double admission, namely, admission in language courses and official courses, if they do not want to have a delay. Students can first study language in America and directly enter college to study official courses after they meet the language requirements. Language courses start as early as October. And such universities usually ranked after Top 100. If students with excellent academic performances want to apply for universities with higher rankings, they should not choose this way. After getting double admission, students are placed in different classes after language testing and study for different periods of time according to their different language levels. They can enter college as early as the next February in the spring semester.

Overseas studies in America: low costs in community colleges

Community colleges cost ¥150,000 while ordinary universities cost ¥250,000-350,000. Students can choose the module of 2+2, namely, 2 years in community colleges and 2 years in ordinary universities, which will save about ¥300,000. Community colleges have lower requirements in language proficiency and students with excellent academic performances can enter famous American universities through community colleges.

Many parents worry studies in Community colleges will affect their future development. American community colleges are different from junior colleges. Instead they provide college fundamental education and vocational education. 75% of American transferred students come from community colleges.

Overseas studies in America: limited majors in spring enrollment

For students who make decision to study overseas after Gaokao, spring enrollment is a good choice. Students can study abroad after completing English examinations in TOEFL or IELTS in China. Comparing to studying language abroad, it costs much less money. Some American universities offer spring enrollment, but students should start to prepare for language tests after Gaokao and submit applications by Nov.1. It is pressing and the major choices for spring enrollment wre limited.

However, the strength of spring enrollment is one does not have to prepare for a a long time in China. Instead, he/she can start preparation from the late June, take TOEFL or IELTS examination from July to September, and submit application by Nov.1. The results will come out from November to the early December, and students can apply for visas in December before leaving for America in next January. If students apply for fall enrollment, the deadline will be Jan.1, two months later than Nov.1, but the enrollment will be in next August.

Overseas studies in America: selecting fall enrollment if one hopes to enter famous universities

For students who want to apply for famous universities, if they decide to study overseas after Gaokao, they have to apply for the fall enrollment in next fall. On top of TOEFL and other language tests, generally famous universities will require the submission of SAT scores. They will also be concerned about students’ participation in social welfare activities. Bu choosing fall enrollment, students have to wait for a year in China after Gaokao, but only two more months for preparation than spring enrollment. Students have to take TOEFL and SAT examinations and submit applications by October and get admission results by the end of next March. They will obtain visas from May to July and set out in August.

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