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Studies in America: Enviable welfares in the universities

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    Speaking of college life, one would think of small dormitories, horrible meals in the dining room and awful parties. But in America, students in some universities can enjoy special and enviable welfares, such as free laundry and dinner with steak. Let’s see which universities are.

I.Davidson College: free laundry service

    For most students, living in campus means they cannot wait for their mothers to do laundry and neatly pack them. However, for students at Davidson, free laundry service makes it simple to do without moms.

    As a sophomore in Colby College, Gillian Katz spent her summer vacation at Daidson recently. She told us, “As long as you take off your dirty clothes, including those requiring dry cleaning, you can get your clean clothes that are neatly folded and wrapped in brown paper bags in three days.”Dry clean and tailoring will make extra charges, but Lula Bell Houston Laundry Shop has do free laundry of clothes and bed sheets for students at Davidson College for nearly 80 years.

II.New York University: free tickets for museums in New York

    As a world-famous center of culture, art and history, New York has many places for tourists and citizens to visit. Ordinary student tickets cost $14 for museums in New York. New York University makes museums closer to the people and affordable for students through a project called Museum Gateway. Students and staff and faculty at this university can visit 12 museums in New York free of charge, including Modern Art Museum and new museums. Some museums even allow students at New York University to take a non-student visitor free of charge! Hannah Orenstein, a junior student at New York University makes full use of this welfare. She said, ”I like visiting museums frequently, so this project saves a lot of money!”

III.Michigan Technological University: on-campus skiing slopes

   Situated on the campus of Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan, Mount Ripley is the mountain with the most snow in America. An adult day ticket costs $38, but students in this university can only spend $60 to enjoy the slope of Mount Ripley and other outdoor facilities including the golf course and tennis court. Students can also enjoy discounts in skiing and renting snowboards. Mount Ripley is open from November to next March, which offers time for students to fully enjoy this welfare!

IV.Western Washington University: outdoor center and hiking

    Western Washington University is situated in the northwest of the Washington State, only several hours of driving distance from Puget Sound and Cascade Range. This university provides students with conditions to enjoy the beautiful natural environment as best as they can. The students’ Union in this university organizes and manages an outdoor center, which offers services including bicycle repairing, equipment renting, and lake and mountain team hiking around this region.

    Emily Willeman, a junior student in Western Washington University and national guest writer for Her Campus, said, “The latest hiking includes an overnight Kayak cruise near San Juan Islands. In the cruise participating teams will bow Kayaks to a small room on the island and spend the night there, and then bow back in the morning.”She also said, “There will be a skiing hiking.”

There is a lake-side extended service in the outdoor center, which provides a daily Kayak renting service for students at the cost of $3. In the bicycle-repairing shop, students can have their old and bad bicycles refurbished or learn to repair them there and rent tools at the cost of $2. If you enjoy outdoor activities, Western Washington University is the best place for you to go to. If you do not like outdoor activities, Western Washington University will make you become interested in them!

V.Boston University: Lazy River:Lazy River

    After a whole day’s classes, examinations and meetings, would a rest in the Lazy River sound wonderful? All right, students at Boston University will enjoy it because there is a Lazy River in the recreation center on their campus.

    Irene Berman-Vaporis, a senior student at Boston University and a guest writer for Her Campussaid emotionally, “When I found there is a Lazy River in my university, it is hard to believe. It has been listed in my agenda for the things I must do before graduation to have a good time there.”

    It must be noted that the Lazy River has a major aim on top of providing entertainment: people can walk against the current for exercise or physical therapy. This river is not interesting but also has curing function. It is also for all students at Boston University all the time!

VI.Kenyon College: a dining room with no need to slide cards

    Most students will provide self-help dining rooms. But at Kenyon College in the State of Ohio, you do not need to slide a card to have the appetizing buffet. Sarah Kahwash, a senior student at Kenyon College said,”We never need to slide cards at Peirce Hall,or even show the campus cards. We can go there as many times as we want to and eat as much as we can in the day.”This dining room has become an evitable welfare and it has a facebook page.”It adds students as friends, and accepts friend requests from others. It even gets married with a student who is about to become a junior on the facebook.”said Sarah, “We love Pierce.”

VII.High Point University: free lunch with steaks

   High Point University provides buffets above the level of getting full. This small private college in High Point in North Carolina supplies opportunities to learn complicated table etiquette and eat delicious food in the on-campus steak restaurant, which activity is called 1924 PRIME. Students can have a free dinner at the restaurant once a week as long as they follow the rules of wearing business casual attire and other etiquettes in the restaurant. The dinner there is absolutely more delicious than the Ramen you heat in the microwave oven, isn’t it?

VIII.Wake Forest University: free laptops

    Wake Forest University settles the problems that all new students need laptops to make it easier for them to adjust for the college life. In the guiding process of the new students, every student will receive a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad, which downloads all new softwares required by various professors. In addition, students can change it into a new computer at the start of their junior year. Reparation and service of the laptops are free in most cases. Cassie Brown, a senior student in this university and the campus reporter for Her Campus told us.”Many students will bring the laptops they used before entering college. But for those students without laptops, they can use the laptops provided by the university, which is fantastic. Besides, some courses require you to finish homework on ThinkPad. For example, in my course in computer science, some programs can only be run on the school laptop.”Cassie also explained, since these computers are actually owned by the university, students have to return them when they graduate. OF they still want to use this laptop after graduation, they can pay and purchase it from the university. Despite it, it is still a big welfare to get a brand new laptop with all softwares required among all shopping lists bombarding you at the beginning of the first college year.

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