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【Taylor’s Education International 2015 Summer Study Tour in UK Live Broadcast 】(END)

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Opening the poetic picture, we go through the ancient and modern Britain 



People use “a landscape of lakes and mountains” to describe the scenery of the Lakes. It is the most beautiful national park in the UK. There are all the natural beauty of the landscape: lakes, river valleys, mountains, waterfalls, etc. Water is the source of the aura here. Both broad Windermere Lake and exquisite Grasmere Lake are crafted carefully by nature.

There were many famous poets and writers who lived in the Lake District for many years. One of the Lake Poets, the famous English Romantic poetry founder Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy lived here for a long time. Beatrix Potter, a famous writer of children’s literature, lived in the lake district and met her husband there. A particular source of inspiration of her masterpiece The Tale of Peter Rabbit was the Lake District where she lived for the last thirty years of her life as a farmer and conservationist.

With a long history, British royal family has all kinds of strange traditions, all swans are properties of Royal family is one of which. The swans are counted every year by a specially-assigned person.


PART.2 Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, located on the bank of the Avon River. It is also the hometown of mother of John Harvard, founder of the Harvard University.


Shakespeare spent his childhood and youth in this two-storey building. His father’s workshop is also in the house. The rooms were starkly furnished, showing that the family was not rich. There is a small garden in the back of the house, now looking very comfortable.

Shakespeare’s residence in his late years


Shakespeare’s daughter’s home


Not far away, we arrived at Shakespeare's daughter and Shakespeare's residence in old age. Shakespeare left home at 22, going to London to work hard, establishing his own prestige on the stage. At the age of 50, Shakespeare returned to his hometown. We do not know why he did not continue to stay in London, and chose to return to the quiet hometown. Perhaps for him, peace was the most extravagant thing. 3 years later, Shakespeare died here.

Shakespeare was buried in the Holy Trinity. In Britain, it’s normal for the local people to be buried in a church. However, in Holy Trinity there is only Shakespeare family buried inside, other people are buried in the cemetery outside the church. Thus Holy Trinity is regarded as the Church of Shakespeare. After all, celebrities always have privileges.

The students listened carefully to the details of Shakespeare’s house. I do not know whether they read his poetry or not. Here are two quotes from him:


Ignorance is the curse of God,knowledge the wing where with we fly to heaven.


The time of life is short,to spend that shortness basely,it would be too long.


PART.Returning Yantai safely & love letters in three lines

 On July 29th, it took us nearly 12 hours flight from London Heathrow Airport to Beijing. Due to the delay of the flight, we arrived in Yantai at 10 o’clock the next morning. We took a picture together with the parents picking us up at the airport. Although everyone was tired somehow, they still felt warm with the welcome of their parents, someone even shed tears.


Along the way, you guys were living in my wechat push. I am reluctant to say goodbye to you. Instead, I write 3-line love letters to each of you as the best ending for our UK trip.



Kind, naive, lively is your synonym

Occasionally naughty, occasionally lovely

Girl you are attractive

I hope that the time will bring you not only long legs but also more and more goodliness.



Hello, princess, do you find WIFI?

A new era, a complete little girl

When facing yourself, you are on your way to beauty.

When a friend needs you, you come forward like Liu Hulan




You smile, you cry.

You have a careless approach to life

Thank you for bringing us joy.

In the future treat yourself like a goddess, and treat the world as a tough





You are tall, you are sensible

There is a light in your eyes that keeps shining

Together with you

I forget you are just a kid for the most of the time.




Our cute Miss Dizzy

Like sugar, like soup

Clear logic, how accurate

Every time you are out of the situation, we become the dream in your mind




I see the world in your eyes

The world you want is in your heart

You are outstanding

You will definitely walk the way to your secret garden

with a humble heart



A typical young stage of a talent

Reading Byron, self-taught calculus

Reason out of our game on the tissue.

Although you are elusive,

Finally, have you been socialized by us?



Keen insight

you have eagle's eyes

As an eagleroaming between heaven and earth

With a tough and resolute heart

Look at the world that no one can see



How come you are a good-time boy while study seriously?

You are the carrier of positive energy, and there is an endless ray of light.

You are a sunflower, always in the direction of the sun

As you see the distance, it will be a splendid future.

To be continued...


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