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What isEntrepreneurs Immigration?
Tier 1 Entrepreneurs is what we call£200,000 Entrepreneurs Investment Immigration. Currently it is a relevantly secure and easy immigration plan with a high success rate and shorter time for review. The visa is in the form of 3 plus 2, namely, three years for the first stage and two for the later, and after five years applicants can become UK permanent immigrants. Applicants can go to UK with their families and all family members can become permanent immigrants in UK after five years. Applicants for Entrepreneurs Immigration must own a funding of over£200,000 (£50,000 for PSW visa holders) , invest in new companies registered in UK or join other companies in the form of joint investment and can only employ themselves and provide 2 job opportunities for local people for each application. Applicants should not be absent from UK for over 180 days if they want to apply for permanent resident. Applicants for Entrepreneurs Immigration should fulfill an English proficiency requirement (IELTS 4.0) and this requirement is exempted from applicants who obtain a degree above the bachelor’s.
Note: If applicants provide over 10 local job opportunities or the business revenue reaches over 5,000,000, they will become permanent residents after three years.
Project advantages of UK immigration: National advantages of UK immigration: Planning counseling for UK immigration:
1. Newly-open policies
2. Low entry requirement
3. Short span of application
4. Zero risk of the project
5. Zero risk for funding
6. Short span for immigration
1. Advanced medical condition
2. Complete legal system
3. Stable political environment
4. World-class education
5. Superior geographic location
6. Stable investment environment
For customers with different situations and backgrounds, we need to have individual analysis and advice to make relevant immigration plans. For details please consult our experienced consultants.
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