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With about 20-year experience in quality services for overseas studies in USA, Taylor’s ranked among the most influential institutions for overseas studies for a succession of five years. It boasts the resources of hundreds of colleges and universities, authoritative experts and a counselor team of overseas returnees with advanced education. By designing great-valued tailor-made plans for overseas studies, it is leading in the field of overseas studies in America.

Overall admission rate to American schools: 99%
Visa success rate: 99%
Scholarship rate in arts: 70%
Scholarship rate in science: 75%
Scholarship rate in engineering: 75%

The Outstanding brand

- As an educational group corporation founded by the government, Taylor’s Education International has been devoted to creating global opportunities for learning and developing for customers. In the past over a decade ever since its foundation, it has helped countless Chinese families realize the dream of international development and gained high praise and recognition from media both home and abroad, cooperative partners and clients.

Abundant college and elite high school resources

- Taylor’s Education International conducts close cooperation with hundreds of American high schools covering the major cities and regions of America to provide diversified school choices for students. Be it elite high school application, designated college application, or speeding application, it is always able to offer satisfying solutions.

The Professional team

It has the top expert team in the field of overseas studies in America with experts from over 60% of world top universities and local experienced professionals, who are conversant about college application. The experience of 17 years makes Taylor’s more and more powerful through cooperation with excellent partners. Over 70 percent of its experts have over four years of experience in this industry and they have an average working experience of five years, much above the average level of this industry. With top experts in essay writing and visa training in this field, it is both good at long-term and short-term planning for overseas studies. Many of its employees hold TEM-8 certificates or credentials for English translating qualification. The professional expert team of Taylor’s ensures 90% of its students can successfully enter American quality universities.

Professional planning for overseas studies and tailor-made individual plans for students

Taylor’s Education International prepares tailor-made application materials to fully display the merits and characteristics of students. Every year it organizes high-standard international educational exhibition, topic lectures and interviews and video interviews to help students acquire new educational information and quick access to admission. It keeps its admission rate and visa successful rate at the top level in the industry.

Its visa training team is made up of veteran professionals at home and abroad and has accumulated experience in visa training for over a decade. It provides specialized service for American visa training and has a glorious history of keeping the visa success rate at 99%. It provides visa tutoring for students with a professional attitude and thoroughly understands the changing situations of America visa, forming a complete vocational and studying visa training system. Consultants at Taylor’s make up a realistic logic in accordance with the conditions and materials of applicants and work out full visa strategy on this basis complemented by individualized simulated visa training to ensure students to pass their visa interviews.

Procedures of application for overseas studies in America

Advantages for studying in America

Opportunities for top advanced education in the world
American high education is leading in the world. In the latest ranking for top 100 universities in the world, American universities take up half of them, almost the total of other countries in the world. American diplomas have been widely recognized and respected in the world.

To better determine the living direction and professional training

American universities attach great importance to the function and aim of education. It ensures every student can choose a proper way in accordance with his need and individualized development through its flexible credits and elective system. By pursuing an education in America, one can reduce his blindness in education to the greatest extent and determine his future professional goal earlier, allowing education to truly lay ground for his future development.

Bountiful scholarship policies

America is the country which offers most scholarship for international students in the world. The American universities provide all kinds of economic assistance to students such as scholarships, financial aids, and on-campus jobs. The majority of international students in America can get some scholarship as long as they adopt the right application strategy. In addition, every year some of American universities provide full scholarship for exceptional international students, from which you can see its cost ration.

Broad schooling opportunities and favorable visa situation

Thousands of American universities, which admit international students, provide quality undergraduate education. And half of them offer graduate education. American education provides broad scopes of choice and bigger opportunities. At the same time, The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service relaxes the requirement for student visa. America is sure to become the first choice of more and more Chinese students for overseas studies.

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