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Founded by American Taylor’s National Foundation and British Taylor’s Education International Corporation, Taylor’s Education International established branch companies in Beijing and Yantai, Shandong with an aim to facilitate exchanges of international education in China. Taylor’s Education International focuses on projects of international exchanges and cooperation and provides services of programs in international joint high school, international preparatory courses, short-term overseas study tours, application for overseas study, immigration, training and etc. Founded in Britain in 1999, Taylor’s Education International entered the Chinese market in 2011. During the past fifteen years, Taylor’s has been dedicated to the introduction of foreign quality educational resources, development and management of Sino-foreign joint education, Sino-foreign cultural exchanges and communication, self-financed overseas study and professional immigration.

Based on its years of experience in language training, international exchanges, overseas study, world multi-field cooperation relations, and professional and thorough consciousness of service, Taylor’s Education International provides platforms for quality high school education both from home and abroad as well as opportunities for overseas advanced education. The international experiences and horizons are conducive to cultivating future generations in China with power of character, ideas to create and enjoy life, self-esteem, and ideas of equality and tolerance.

With a decade-long history in overseas study and immigration, Taylor’s Education International turns out to be one of the most outstanding and authoritative organizations in this field. Regarding overseas study, Taylor’s Education International has conducted collaboration with thousands of universities, colleges and institutes in over ten main-stream countries for overseas study in the world. Based on its professional advantages, it conveys quick, true, accurate and objective information of overseas study to students and their parents, and offers an all-around service from study planning, language training, guidance of college selection and application, visa application training, travel training and follow-up assistance after students get to their foreign universities or colleges.

The immigration business of Taylor’s Education International executes the idea of “hearty service and customer first” and has established the brand image of being professional and trustworthy in the field of immigration with its first-class service. Due to its professional performance and exceptional contribution in overseas investment immigration, Taylor’s keeps good reputation in the immigration authorities in such countries as Britain, America, and Australia and conducts close cooperation with distinguished immigration lawyers, think tanks, fund companies, banking institutions, and real estate investment organizations to jointly provide professional and efficient one-stop services in investment immigration procedures, overseas settlement, children schooling, investment analysis and overseas tax laws in these countries.

Taylor's Philosophy

Embarking on the educational field in 1999, Taylor’s Education International has accumulated abundant experience in the introduction, research and development, execution and management of international high school curriculum, achieved strong capability, and formed mature mechanisms of research and development and management. It has built the recruitment team of foreign teachers with foreign professionals as the main body, established international high school curriculum quality management system in accordance with the Chinese national situation, initiated leading college counseling system, and provided professional service for the introduction and setup of international curriculum in distinguished public schools in China.

Taylor’s Education International Management Corporation is one of the educational management organizations oriented toward offering international high school curriculum management and service and cross-cultural communication and cooperation in China. It has been devoted to the introduction of international educational resources, development and management of Sino-foreign joint schooling projects and Sino-foreign cultural communication with the tenet of “honesty, reputation, dedication, success, practice and lofty aims.”

As a partner of International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), Taylor’s Education International promotes and administrates international baccalaureate curriculum in distinguished public schools in China.

As a partner of the overseas high school baccalaureate programs of the Educational Department in Alberta, Canada, Taylor’s Education International promotes and administrates its high school baccalaureate curriculum in China.

Taylor’s Education International in one of the few institutions that fully introduces to China the college counseling system popular in America. With regards to the features of Chinese high school education and students, Taylor’s worked together with American Culture and Education Committee to devise the Three-year College Counseling Plan for Chinese High School Students and greatly enhanced the core competence of Chinese students to enter American top universities and colleges.

Taylor’s Education International has been awarded the Qualification for the Intermediary Service of Self-Financed Overseas study by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Industrial Qualification for Private Immigration by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China.

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