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IBDP, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, was founded in 1962. By 2013, 2,690 schools in 158 countries of the world have set up IBDP curriculum.

IBDP curriculum is administered by IBO. Other than IBDP, the IBO curriculum also includes MYP(The Middle Years Programme) and PYP(The Primary Years Programme). Compared to the Chinese curriculum, IBDP is equivalent to Grade 11 and Grade 12 in China, namely, Senior 2 and Senior 3. MYP is equivalent to Grade 6-10 in China, and PYP Grade 1-5 in China.

The philosophy of IBDP is Education for Life. It aims to train truth-seeking, knowledgeable and caring young people and cultivate their understanding and respect of diversified culture so as to contribute to a better and more peaceful world.

IBDP integrates rigorous academic requirement and diversified extracurricular activities and identifies with the philosophy of general education. Consequently it is high recognized and unanimously recommended by first-rate universities in the world. IBDP is an international curriculum in real sense beyond regional and state confinement. Recognized by all main-stream universities in the world, it provides a broad scope of college choices and diverts the influence of changes in visa policies of countries to the greatest degree. Students holding IBDP certificates can enter over 4,000 universities in more than 120 countries based on their certificates and academic records. IBDP graduates are more competitive and popular in applying world-famous universities. World top universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge and Oxford, all recognize the value of IBDP and give prior consideration for IBDP graduates in college application. Canadian universities even waive the SAT requirement for students with IBDP diploma.

Subjects of IBDP
IBDP curriculum has a rational and balanced arrangement of classes with subjects in both art and science. It is beneficial for the all-around and balanced development of students and especially suitable for students with good English proficiency, all-around development and aims to enter international famous universities.

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